Tols Bros

Today, running east and west along the Columbia River, Highway 14 cuts clear through Lyle. South of the now busy road, once stood a market with a soda fountain and an ice cream parlor, with apples and pears, with canned goods and fresh meat — Tol Brothers Market.

Market, Lyle, WA

Credit was the name of the game, Don Brashers, a long time Lyle resident, remembers. Brashers’ wife, Darla, recalls pickles that were drawn from great big barrels and served with a large cracker. Almost all in the books was trade and barter between locals; a carton of eggs from a family was worth this amount of bacon, or butchered meat from a cattle ranch was worth this much in produce. Imagine a credit system at Fred Meyer, what would we trade?


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  1. Gorge Heritage Museum

    So excited to see the web site for the Twin Bridges Museum. They have many treasurers for you to explore on display in the museum.



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